STACA stands for Strength Training Academy.

STACA is a training and education company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human and athletic performance. In the sports section, you will find Czech football and hockey players, Olympians from various sports and young hopefuls in their portfolio.

The educational portfolio for trainers includes internships, seminars and lectures.


Training for the public

You too can become a STACA client! Is your goal better health, firming up your figure, or do you just want to switch off from your regular duties? Our team is here for you. This section includes the initial building block of STACA called the Before'n'After Program - a 12-week transformation plan.

On-line coaching

Online coaching is the ideal choice for those who want to start working with us but are unable to attend regular face-to-face training sessions.

Training for athletes

Most of our clients are professional athletes and young talents trying to make it to the pros. Mostly hockey players, but also football players, karate players, MMA fighters, thai-boxers, softball players, American football players, rugby players and athletes.

Internships and seminars for trainers

One of the goals of STACA is to improve the level of the coaching industry in the Czech Republic, to help coaches of all levels to connect theory with practice and to improve their level of knowledge. Seminars and week-long internships are a unique opportunity to get answers to questions.


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References from clients

For me personally, great information that I use all the time. I like to go back to my notes and refresh my knowledge. The exercise tray on YouTube is a great help. Overall the course has given me a different perspective on training and I think differently when putting it together. Thanks for that. Good luck!

Ondřej Horváth

The internship at STACA was the best choice and investment for the future. It was definitely not the last. Seeing Dominik, Kamil and other colleagues from STACA in action was beneficial. The work that the whole team does is professional, precise and detailed. Everything you need and everything you can take in at that moment you will find right here!

Pavla Satrapová

Thanks to the complete care, my body is changing before my eyes. My knees and back stopped hurting. I'm immortal at hobby hockey. I feel great and everyone around me registers it.

Milan Šváb

I met Dominik for the first time almost two years ago and since then I have changed everything - training, diet, sleep... in short all the things that belong to the work of a professional athlete. We've done a lot of work in that time, and I'm able to benefit from off-season training throughout the season and maintain a stable form. The guys are doing a great job that hardly anyone can match them in, keep it up!

Roman Will

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